More Safety Tips

Oct 10th 2018

This is a follow up to our previous blog post on distilling safely: distillation safety tipsSafety Measures During DistillationSafety is of the utmost importance to anyone who does distillation, regar … read more

Distillation Safety Tips

Apr 10th 2018

Moonshining is an art. There are countless ways of doing it, and almost all of them are correct. However, it is a potentially dangerous art that requires planning and care. Distilling is a science tha … read more

Long-Term Cleaning and Maintenance

Nov 10th 2017

If you use your still just once or twice a year, it is helpful (but not absolutely necessary) to clean it with a vinegar or rye distillation before putting it away until the next distillation. Clea … read more

Simple and Easy Moonshine Recipe

Jun 7th 2016

You don't necessarily need a super complicated recipe, especially if you're a beginner and you're just trying to get the hang of things. Sometimes simple is better. Here's a recipe for our 5 gallon st … read more