About Us

Bringing distilling home

We think distillation is for everyone

Our slogan is “Bringing Distilling Home” and we mean it. Distilling is a fun hobby much like cooking where a little art and a little science come together. America is in the middle of a craft distilling movement and we’re here to do our part to help people get involved

We’re here for our customers

The number one question we get from our customers is, “I have this still, now what?” We’re here to answer that question and help you get started distilling. With our kits and ingredients we’re bringing everything you need together to make things simple, clear, easy and fun

We’re american made

We’re an American Company using American ingredients and even American machines where possible. We do have to make some exceptions, our regional favorites like our Irish Whiskey use ingredients imported from the region.

Quality and Quality of Life

We only use top quality ingredients. Each and every one of our employees makes a living wage. We don’t compromise on either. We provide value to our customers and employees

About Our Process

Moonshine Mash Kits

  • 01

    Identify a potential recipe. Consult with master distillers. Review costs and viability of the product

  • 02

    Source ingredients and make 10-20 batches of slightly varying each recipe

  • 03

    Distill the batches and taste, taste, taste. Begin aging and taste each recipe weekly for at least 6 months.

  • 04

    Analyze the recipes and tasting notes and take the top 5 and test them with our customers to find out the best and most popular