10 Gallon Appalachian Moonshine Still

10 Gallon Appalachian Moonshine Still


An incredible 10 Gallon moonshine still for sale. Built from the ground up in America using the finest Paul Revere 20 oz copper This copper moonshine still is handcrafted to precise specifications. Each piece is precisely machine rolled, hemmed and beaded for strength, durability and beauty. These stills are made by true copper smiths that have been doing this for generations. This is a true, traditional Appalachian still designed with the highest quality in mind.

Each still is hand polished and tested individually before shipping.

Product Description

Designed for convenience, this still features:

10 Gallon Mash Capacity
3/8″ Hose connections on the worm (Standard Garden Hose Connections)
Drain Plug on the thumper
High Quality dual Temperature and Pressure Guage
Durable Brass Fittings


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